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In this topic, I will discuss the important question that How to Identity a website published platform which is made by BlogSpot or WordPress. If you want to check someone’s blogging site that whether the site is made from WordPress, Wix, or a blogger Blogspot site. Then you may read carefully this article without skipping it. Let’s start with the topic.

A simple way to Know the Website Published Platform

If you are a blogger then you may definitely see that from your website URL you can find out your website publisher whether it is made from Blogspot or WordPress.

First of all, I would like to tell you that if your blog is published from Blogger Blogspot, you may See that beforeĀ  IRL of Blogpost date format exists. Another analysis shows that after the IRL you may see (dot) .html are present.

Now you can tell me that it’s also used in WordPress. You are right. But one thing generally everybody wants to make URL professionally for better SEO friendly.

Secondly, the other thing is that if anyone removes the date from the blog post URL, for checking if you copy that post URL and just paste it into the search box of your screen then you see the date is not removed from that Post. Because it is published on a blogger platform and blogger couldn’t automatically remove the date from the beginning of any Post. But you can hide the date from your post-URL. so if you want to know How to remove a date from a blog post you read this article.

Thirdly, you can any website by visiting the homepage and Right Clicking your mouse cursor, and going to the View Page Source. From Here you can find out the all details of your website.

How to Check Website Published Platform from with Domain details

By Checking any Website there is a lot of Testing tool available on the Internet. But among the tools here we can explain some of the tools where you can Check website Published platform of your website. -Who. is a Popular Website checking Tool where you can check or know all of your domain details.

Whois. com-This site is also a very much popular Website Checking Tool, Here are all your Domain Details along with your Country, State, organization, and Expire of your domain.


So you can get some idea about the website published platform whether it is published in blogger or WordPress.If you like this topic which is How to Identify Website Published Platform then don’t forget to share.

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