Are You Unhappy with your Website Speed ?

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Are your website visitors falling down day by day? or is traffic going down your site ? But Now you want to speed up your website speed.  Then you must install this amazing Lite speed Cache Plugin which increases your website very quickly. This is a free Plugin you can download here or directly by adding from the plugin sections of your WordPress dashboard. 

Website Speed is one of the Primary factors to depends on your visitors to engage with your content. But we all know that Content is the king. However, Website speed carries a very important role to rank your website.

So, Are you regretful or disappointed with your website speed? or getting slow down your website visitors?, then I discuss the one best free plugin to use in your website to speed up your website.

Why Website Speed is important for bloggers?

In today’s digital world there are a billion websites in the search engine. But among all of them a website quite difficult to get organic traffic and rank on the first page on the search engine. In this competition, if you want to rank your page then your article should have unique and valuable for the visitors.

First of all, If you are a Professional Blogger or want to become Professional Blogger then website speed matter an important major role in your profession. Because the quick response of your website engage more visitors also search engine probably may rank your page on the first page if your content is valuable.

Secondly, In Blogspot Blogger and WordPress Blogger during choosing your themes very carefully, so always should be preferred fast, and responsive themes on all devices. Here we discuss the fastest and best responsive Blogger templates and amazing WordPress free Plugins for site speed.

Finally, I can say this always try to select simple, professional-looking, and minimum javascript applied templates which can load faster and very quickly. This will attract effective visitors to your site.

How to Install Litespeed Cache Plugin for Website Speed

The Lite Speed Plugin can be installed directly from the LiteSpeed Cache site. But you can download from your Dashboard, Plugin section by Clicking Add new Plugin. Here are some important settings you have to check need to be set up when it is installed.

  • You have to set up the domain Key in General settings. (Most important)
  • Always Enable Cache sections -ON
  • Enable Browser Cache-ON
  • Enable Object Cache-ON
  • If you want, then Page Optimization settings-JS Minify, HTML Minify, Lazy Load Image-On.

But important is that when you apply this setting on your website you have to check your WordPress website speed in increases or decreases. If decreased then automatic settings should be preferred during the downloading time.

So, If you are feeling sad or unhappy with your WordPress website speed, and want to boost your WordPress website traffic. Then the excellent Lite Speed Cache Plugin definitely increases or boosts your website speed. It is a very fantastic and useful Plugin.  If you feeling regret about your website boost I think this article will help you for recovering the site speed.

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