How to Index blog content in Webmaster tools

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                                                                                                         How to index blog content

If you learn this technique and apply it to your blogger Blogspot site or WordPress site you should read the below article very carefully were steps by step given the details on How to index blog content in Webmaster tools.

First of all,  if you are in new blogger in WordPress or Blogspot where you continuing write an article but your article could not see in online by searching after you published it is not automatically index blog content in the webmaster tool. For Indexing your post you have created an account in the google search console where you can Url your page indexed or inspected. So let me introduce how to index your page 

How to index posts in webmaster tools step-by-step.

  • Go to the search bar and search Google Search Console or Go to the Blogspot admin dashboard 
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Click on Google Search Console 
  • Go to add property and put your Domain here without the prefix www.
  • Click to Continue.

1. Generate and Submit Your XML Sitemap


2. Submit your Page Url /Post Url in Google Search Console:

  • Go to the Url Inspection and Click.
  • Now copy the link to your Blog content or Page Url in the google search console search bar
  • Paste Enter.
  • Click to Request Indexing after it is successfully done.
  • Click to Live test and Enter.

Finally, you have submitted your Url in the Webmaster tool. To Check it copy the link of your page and paste it in the search bar and enter. You can see where your site is now showing on google.

But it may happen that sometimes the content URL /page URL  of your site could not be inspected because of your page Url you changed already or after publishing your article you changed the URL like date remove from the page URL.

If You suffering from this type of indexing problem you can solve it. So let me introduce it how to index blog content,

Firstly, you have to go to the post-draft section and copy the automatic link which is already in the previous time. Copy that link and paste the Url Inspection and enter it here you can see it is an index.

    So it is also an important part of Advance blogger SEO settings.

3. Removal of Page Url/Post Url from your site 

  • Go to the Removal section and Click.
  • Copy the page Url/Post Url of your content and paste it and Enter.

In this process, you can remove unnecessary content URLs from your site easily. By removing unnecessary URLs from your page you can fresh your site and it may speed  your site and better ranking it is  very important 

This is the process of How to index blog content in webmaster tools in Google, Bing Yahoo, or Yandex. This article may help you a lot to rank your page or how to rank your page in webmaster tools.

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