2 Most Important Rule Zakat and Fitra in Islam

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Ramadan IDD

What is Zakat and Fitra?

                   In Ramadan, along with reading Roza-Namaz and Quran, giving zakat and Fitra is also very important.  In Islam every Muslim especially those who are rich people must zakat to the poor people. Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. In the month of Ramadan, before the Eid prayers, giving Fitra and Zakat is a duty of every fortunate Muslim. Let’s discuss what is fitra and zakat.

 Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is also called the ‘month of the Quran’ because the Quran was descended through Prophet Mohammed in this month. In Ramadan, giving Zakat and Fitra (charity or charity) along with Rosa-namaz and Tilawat of the Quran (reciting the Quran) is also very important. Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

              According to Islam, a Muslim who also has so much money or property that he is meeting his own expenses and is in a position to help someone, then he becomes eligible to donate. In Ramadan, this donation is given in two forms, Fitra and Zakat.

What is zakat (donation)?

                           In Islam, in the Pak month of Ramadan, it is said that it is necessary to pay zakat to every fortunate Muslim. 2.5 percent of the savings made in the whole year from income is given to the poor or needy, which is called Zakat. That is, if a Muslim has 100 rupees left after spending all the money, then it is necessary to give 2.5 rupees to any poor.

                    As such, zakat can be given at any time throughout the year, but like filing returns after the end of the financial year, most people take out zakat in the whole month of Ramadan. This month, Muslims assess their full-year earnings and donate 2.5 percent of that. Actually, there is a tradition of paying zakat before Ramadan ie Eid. This zakat is especially given to the poor, widowed women, orphans, or any sick and weak person.

                     If women or men have any property in the form of jewelry, then zakat is also given according to its value. But those who, despite being fortunate, do not give zakat in the Raza of Allah, he is one of the guilty.

Who needs to play the Rule of zakat?

                    If there are five members in the family and all of them earn money through jobs or by any means then it is considered a duty to pay zakat to all the members of the family. For example, if a son or daughter also earns money through a job or business, then only their parents cannot avoid paying zakat on their earnings, but it is also obliged to pay zakat on the earning son or daughter.

         Regarding Zakat, Prophet Mohammad has said, ‘Those who do not offer Zakat during the month of Ramadan, their fasting and worship is not acceptable, but stops between the earth and heaven.

What is fitra?

                   Fitra is the amount of money that people from wealthier and resourceful families give to economically weaker people. It is necessary to pay it before Eid prayers. In this way, Eid is also celebrated along with the rich and the rich.  The thinking behind all this is that there should be no empty hands on the day of Eid because it is a day of happiness.

                        The big difference between Zakat and Fitray is that giving Zakat is as important as keeping fast and reading Namaz, but giving Islam is not necessary under Islam. Regarding Fitre, Islamic scholar Maulana Abdul Hameen Nomani said that it is decided to give 2.5 percent in Zakat, while there is no limit for Fitra. Human beings can give any amount according to their status.

                At the same time, throwing light on Zakat and Fitra, Public Relations Officer of the world-renowned Islamic Institute Darul Uloom Deoband, Ashraf Usmani Sahab said, ‘Allah Ta’ala has made the festival of Eid for the poor and rich. Because of poverty, the happiness of the people does not decrease, so Allah Ta’ala has obliged Zakat and Fitr on every rich Muslim. ‘


Every capable Muslim should give and agree to the rule the Zakat and Fitra to the necessary people.

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