What is APART?How to Start Business with APART ?

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In this Topic, We are going to discuss What is APART? and also discuss How to Start a Business with APART. If you want to start a business and are willing to create a society for your area which definitely benefits in Agricultural field. Then this article may help you to fulfill your dreams as well as your financial support.


What is APART?

APART means Assam Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project. It’s an autonomous body under the Assam Rural Infrastructures and Agricultural Services’ Society (ARIAS) of the Government of Assam. This is a World Bank-aided project has started in November 1998 and the society had already successfully two projects ARIASP and AACP in the year 1995-2004 and 2005-2011 respectively.

In this APART system Firstly you have to create a Block-wise Farmer Producer Company(FPC) like a society that is only for farmers.  Under this Society, every village farmer creates a 10 Members Group, and each and every group should participate by providing a share/contribution of a small amount for their respective group.

Why APART Start and what benefits of it

The main aim of  APART is to provide opportunities to small farmers as well as stimulate the establishment of new small & medium agribusiness enterprises. It also supports the resilience of agriculture production systems in order to better manage the increasing production and risks associated with climate change, in the targeted districts.

In this project, each and every farmer get their actual price as compared to the local market Price. These Projects are started only for farmers who must have cropland available for agricultural products.

How to Start a Business with APART?

If you want to do business with the help of the government of Assam and take participate in APART then Firstly you have to buy your Share from any registration Society in your Local area. To take part in it, you have to create a 10 Member group like SHG Which has One President &One Secretary, and remainings all our members. Then after creating your group, you have to buy a Share from that society like your nearest Samobay Samiti.

If you already know What is apart? or If you do not have any idea How to start a business from apart and what type of agricultural business you may start. So any agricultural Product business you may start like Rice, Cabbage, Paddy Fish, etc

In this society, you can run your group business by buying the product from any farmer and selling it to the government at a high price that will grow your society. On the other hand, your group or society can get a loan from the government with sufficient subsidies.

Here you can Sell your agricultural Product to get the actual price as well as your requirements of fertilizer for your own crop at a low price than the local market Rate. You may be a profitable business

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How to Establish District Implementation Agency?

The District Level Coordination Committees (DLCC) for monitoring and coordinating the project activities in the respective districts. The Deputy Commissioner and the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) will be the Member Secy. The District Level officers of the implementing Agencies and representatives from the lead commercial banks in the District will be the members.


We have already discussed the above article What is APART? How to do Business with APART?So in this topic, you definitely know about the projects APART in Assam. If you are a resident of Assam then you may also get the benefits from this fantastic project. If you like this topic should share with your friends about this opportunity.

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