Tipkai River In the district of Dhubri-To Know

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Tipkai River

Tipkai River In Dhubri of Assam

First of all. Today I will discuss a small Tipkai River is the river of lower Assam in India, which covers some of the district areas like to middle of the Kokrajhar, Dhubri District of Assam. Its origin is mainly in Bhutan and it connects to the Dhubri district near Sapotgram Town where many villages are separated from the town because of this river. 

In the nearby river, the maximum production of agricultural products is produced. However, the maximum area of the bank site of this river is agricultural land where farmers do theirs in the crop season. Good quality building materials like Sand, Stone are found and some people in the nearby area run their businesses to supply the materials in the vast area of the local government tax.  

Mahamaya Snanghat Temple and Bagribari Kali Mandir

Most importantly, some of the popular places like “Mahamaya Snanghat Mandir” and “Mahamaya Dham” are situated near the Tipkai river. Every year organizes” Mela”(Local Language) by their committee and visits many people with their families of our country for Puja purposes and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the temple. The famous Bagribari 33 feet height Kali Mandir is situated about 800 m from the river)            

Similarly, this river during flood season sinks the whole area and many people are losing their property, and agricultural land due to the erosion of the river. The river flows to the nearby village and connects Khanbari Ponenayanai, Patakata, Johormura, Naicardhap, Sadhubhasa, Piazbari, Jhawpara, and Kaunbari where the popular Market Kaunbari Bazar is situated. 

Rural areas connect with the Tipkai River

The river is divided into two parts near the Patakata village which one part is going to Choudarychar, Salmara Pt  1, Durgapur para, Samaria, Sadhur Bazar, Machipara connects to Kaunbari Bazar. Similarly, other parts and after a long distance like Jaruar Char, Fulkatari, and Boraibari connect to the biggest river of Assam, the Brahmaputra River Near Dhubri Town.

 Finally, Netai Dhuboni Ghat is an ancient place in Dhubri District. Now this place is going to be a Park and it is a wonderful place to enjoy the fresh air that comes from the river and see the beauty of the Brahmaputra River.


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