Badruddin Ajmal and his Foundation

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Badruddin Ajmal (MP Dhubri)

Maulana Badruddin Ajmal -Ajmal Foundation

Northeast’s most popular Political Leader and businessman Moulana Badruddin Ajmal. He is the founder of AUDF (Assam United Democratic Front) later it becomes AIUDF(All India United Democratic Front) and currently he is a Member of the Parliament of Dhubri constituency. He completes his education from the world popular and one of the best famous  Madrassa in India Darul Uloom Deoband” in Uttar Pradesh in India.

                Recently the dangerous Corona Virus badly affected worldwide and India also the same situation. As we know India is the second most populated country in the world recently the current population is about 138 Crore whereas China is the first. In this connection, the corona-affected people may also increase more gradually. Many people are affected by the coronavirus and many also die and day by day it’s increasing, unfortunately.

                           Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the Lockdown national-wide on March 23 so many people are locked in many states and they want to come back home because they couldn’t allow going to work and they are completely locked even without any reason couldn’t go outside.

Badruddin Ajmal’s Relief Distribution

Relief Distribution

                         India is the largest number of hungry people in the world and is unable to feed its population and provide access to food to a large population, especially women and children. The Global Hunger Index 2017 ranking, India is in the position of 100 out of 119 ranked countries and has a serious food security situation. In this Corona Virus Pandemic situation the Ajmal Foundation distributes food items like Dates, Rice, Mustard Oil, Sugar, Lentils, Clothe,s, and Grams to the poor and needy people, especially those belonging to the Below poverty line(BPL)group who has been directly or indirectly affected by natural or manmade calamities and also during the month of Ramadan.

Badruddin Ajmal helps lakhs of people and their families with his Foundation Markazul Marief and Issa foundation. In this Pandemic situation Who were couldn’t return home especially if they work outside of the state of Assam, and were unable to return to their respective home Ajmal helps them to serve their family in this COVID- 19 pandemic situation.

Badruddin Ajmal Political Career in AIUDF

                Maulana Badruddin Ajmal’s political career started in 2006 as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)of Assam in the Constituency of South Salmara Which is the major issue that devastated erosion by Brahmaputra River and the flood which is the problem of all over Assam in India.

    The major problem is that in this constituency every year thousand of hectares of agricultural land are devastated by the erosion of the  Brahmaputra River where even many farmers lost their total land to erosion and the farmer gradually becomes a bad situation day by day. The river lakhs of Hectare land covered and that will not free even after many years where people should not possibly get their land.

   Another problem is unemployment, which is the number one problem for this constituency but also is the all-over Assam and even all of India. People have been forced to migrate to different parts of the state as they have lost the piece of land they used to grow their crops and they have been the victim of humiliation and insult.

Performance and Activity as a social worker

                     In his parliamentary constituency in Dhubri, the biggest problem is the communication problem due to the river of Brahmaputra river and many are the small river that connects the Brahmaputra.

         Badruddin Ajmal the member of Parliament of Dhubri constituency, when he is the first time to become MP, demands to develop communication for the people of the north and south bank of the Brahmaputra river by connecting Construction of a Bridge from the North Bank Dhubri Town to South Bank Fulbari which also connect the state of Meghalaya in India. Finally, the Indian Government takes the decision to construct the bridge and it has been already sanctioned which is the longest bridge in India in the future.

         During the Pandemic situation, he donated to the state government “AROGYA NIDHI” fund and 1.5 crore  INR to the “PM CARE” fund during the pandemic situation of India to help the people. He and his Brother Siraj Uddin Ajmal are always ready to help people and even many Cancer Patients of Assam treatment under his foundation and bear all expenditures.

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