How to View Easily NMMS Attendance in MGNREGA

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In this topic, I will discuss the important topic of How to View Easily NMMS Attendance in MGNREGA works on a daily basis in the field. During the work period, an application is used for attendance of the labour in the work site on a regular basis.

Introduction of NMMS Attendance in MGNREA

In India, Mahatma Gandhi’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(MGNREGA) was implemented in 2005. Since the implementation of MGNREGA over a long period, the worker’s attendance is taken in an offline system by the labour demand.

However, the Government of India Ministry of Rural Development recently launched a Mobile application for attendance of labour in the MGNREA Scheme. With the help of the site supervisor like the Worksite Supervisor, GRS(Gram Rojgar Sahayak) took attendance in the field.

How to Check NMMS Attendance at the NREGA Site

In this Paragraph, we discuss the latest launching system which is called NMMS(National Mobile Monitoring System).In this system How to Check NMMS attendance at the time of the Muster Roll period with details in


To view the NMMS attendance first of all you go to the MGNREGA Website at opening this page you have to scroll down and click on view daily attendance(NMMS App) and you will see this page. Now You need to select your State and also select the attendance date which date you want to see>District>Block>Your GP.

Now you will see your latest ongoing works by applying NMMS generating against work code along with Muster Roll Number. Click on the Muster Roll Number then you will find here NMMS Photo displaying on your screen.

You will check also the scheme name as well as the Photograph and whose job card members are work done in that MR or Period.

How to Install NMMS Attendance Mobile Application

In this Paragraph, we are going to discuss  How to Install the latest NMMS Attendance Application on your Mobile. But Remember one thing it’s not made for the general public to use. It uses only official staff or engaging staff like GRS, and Worksite Supervisor for taking attendance of your respective GP Concern. Because it is necessary to require an activation system in the respective district concerned officials.

But if you are an employee of the P&RD Department before district activation the NMMS attendance app you may download from site. After opening this page, you will definitely see the right side of the screen a mobile logo. You tape the logo to your Mobile and the download will start within 2-3 seconds. You can also download it by clicking on Download Mobile app>NMMS App on the upper side of mgnrega dashboard screen.

After downloading this NMMS attendance click on the Instal button. After allowing all permission Finally, your app will be installed on your device after activation from your district level your device will start the work.

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