How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

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Do you have any Idea about How to start Affiliate Marketing with no money? how to do it easily without investment and earn a lot of money. In this Topic, we will discuss thoroughly Affiliate Marketing for beginners without any investments who want to become successful as professional affiliate Marketers.


Many Affiliate Marketers earn online huge money from different websites. But In India, one of the most popular websites amazon associates where you have a golden opportunity to earn a lot of money. Here we point out the two important things.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing without Investments

First of all, you have a personal website in Blogspot/Blogger or WordPress to start affiliate marketing. In Blogspot, you can create your website completely free of cost But in WordPress, you have to spend a few amounts to run your website.

On the Blogspot site go to and choose your website name and domain according to your niche. Now after creating your website you have chosen the best design affiliate marketing Template and do your different SEO Settings. To do your SEO Settings read these advanced blogger SEO settings on BlogSpot and apply them to your site.

Next Step you have to choose the website from which you want to do affiliate marketing and promote their product. Now after choosing your website you have to create a unique and attractive article for which product you want to promote and earn sales commission from that product.

There is a lot of Affiliate Marketing Site from eg, Amazon, Clickbank, Sales Share, Shopify, Flipkart, etc. But among them, we discuss amazon’s affiliate marketing website.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing on the Amazon site

If you choose and want to become a successful marketer on the Amazon site. Then read this article very carefully and follow this step accordingly.

Firstly you have to go to amazon associates and create an affiliate account by providing your basic details. After Putting in your details amazon creates an affiliate account for you.

Second Step Now, you may create an article very attractive and attracts visitors, and click your providing link and see the details of the product and buy on amazon.

How to Add Product Link on Amazon on Blogspot site

After creating an Article on any product Add that product link to your blog post. So For Adding a link to the product you can Add it directly and go to the amazon site. Now Here you can see this picture there three options are available.

One is TEXT if you want to add a Product link in some text like Buy on Amazon or Buy Now. For Do this Click on Text then you can see.

Another type is if you want to use an Image on amazon directly to show your website then you can use this option Image by clicking and copying the link and paste where you want to display your site.


Finally, the Third option is when you want to both Text and image simultaneously show your blogpost the click and copy the code and paste your section of the post where you want to display it.

If you run your website professionally in blogger you have to invest some money here because You should have a custom domain to be buy-in Blogspot and also a premium template.

Here we already know How to do it in Blogger professionally But How to Start Affiliate Marketing in WordPress? To professionally in WordPress you have to buy a domain then you will set up your website and also a Hosting Service. But you can do it without buying any hosting service by creating a local host on your computer or laptop.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing without Websites

Here we already discuss How to start affiliate marketing with no money with a website but now We will discuss How to Make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

Everyone knows that Youtube is one of the most popular social platforms where you can find all most everything you want. But  Here we describe How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube. So with the help this YouTube you can promote any product by making a video or providing the link in the description.

For this, you have to create a youtube channel and do promote any of the products which you want to promote. Just make an amazon associate account and copy the product link and paste it into your youtube channel.

Next, you can promote products by creating a Facebook page, Pinterest, Linked In as well as an Instagram account. You can earn a huge income from this social media and be economically successful in your life.


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