How to Add Hreflang tags in WordPress?-2 Ultimate Guide

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If you are a blogger then you might be listening to Hreflang tags, right? Here we discussed this topic in detail How to Add Hreflang tags in WordPress on your site? why it is important for publishing multiple languages on any Site?


What is Hreflang Tag and its Function on Website?

The hreflang tag is a signal to search engines that you want them to show the same content in different languages. It is a part of the HTML code for web pages.

The hreflang tag has two main functions:

  •  It tells search engines what other language versions of your web page are available.
  • It tells search engines how to rank those language versions relative to each other when someone searches in one language or another.

The hreflang tag is a language and country code that’s used to specify which page the content is intended for.

The hreflang tag can be included in the HTML code of the web page, or it can be included in an XML sitemap. When you add the hreflang tag to your website, Google will know what country you’re targeting and what languages you’re targeting.

In order to optimize this tag, it should be placed on all of the pages that are intended for different countries and languages. This will help Google understand which pages are meant for which countries and languages so that it can rank them accordingly on search results pages. So In this topic, we will know How to Add Hreflang tags in any website

How to Add Hreflang tags in WordPress?

In this article, we are trying to know or learn you How to Add Hreflang Tag to the WordPress website. This will take part to improve your SEO performance, you can say, it will improve better Local SEO performance for your website.

Hreflangs tags look like if you use your multilanguage like English and Hindi for India

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="hi-in" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-in" />

If you are still not using these tags on your website then we definitely recommend you add your site for better SEO. Now you can generate from here How to generate hreflang tags on any site for WordPress or Blogger.

Now you may add this generated HTML need to be added in the Head section of your WordPress site. Go to the Header.php and add it or you can add Code Snippets Plugin without going to the header.php section.

How to Use Hreflang Tags in Blogger Blogspot

The above steps are usually used for WordPress websites, but When you want to use the Blogger Blogspot site How do this step? Because many of our bloggers would like to use Blogspot or for beginners, any blogger may follow this step to add hreflang tags to the blogger site.

First of all, you have to generate a hreflang tag then go to the Blogger dashboard section and click on Theme. Now go to customize and click on Edit HTML. Here you have to find out the <head> section and put here the generating code or your Hreflang tags just below the <head>.

Finally, Click on Save and refresh your site. It will take some time to show results on your website. So We think it will help you to learn How to Add Hreflang tags to the Blogger website manually.

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How to Add Hreflang tags by using Plugin

If you want to add hreflang tags by WordPress Plugin you may install this ploylang plugin. This is a free plugin and easy to use for your multilanguage WordPress Website. But if you are blogging on Blogspot means you need to follow the above mention steps very carefully.

In another WordPress Plugin, you may apply hreflang tag lite plugin when you want to Add Hreflang tags without Multilanguage Plugin. These two different WordPress Pugin teach you How to Add hreflang tags to your WordPress website.

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How to Check Hreflang tags on your Site?

Above step, we have already learned how to Add Hreflang tags in WordPress or Blogger. But In this step, we know about How to check the hreflang tags in a website. For Checking hreflang tags in your site hreflang tag validator, it will show you are y our site hreflang tag is applied or not.

For Checking your Hreflang tags first you have to go to webmaster tools or google search console dashboard. Now go to the legacy tools and reports and click on international Targeting. After clicking on it you can see here, are there any hreflang tags have your site or not?


After Adding a Hreflang tag to a website this shows results on how many tags are added to your website. It is very important for any multilanguage website if you are using both English and Hindi language at the same time.

It may be different in other languages like Spanish, French, Gujrati, Marathi, etc as per the region or place. For every different region or language, hreflang tags are also different.


We obviously hope that In this Article definitely helps you a lot and also learn How to optimize or How to Add Hreflang tags on WordPress sites as well as on blogger sites. If you have a blogger or WordPress user and learn something new knowledge from it then please share it.