Forest Man of India Know About Everything-Powerful Inspiration

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In this topic, we will discuss the Forest man of India and the great environmental activist Yadav Payeng. How he become so popular and why his work inspires us to not forget our human duty as he does in his lifetime.


There is a need to grow trees in order to provide for the basic needs of future generations. With deforestation, we are in a position where we are not able to provide for the basic needs of future generations.

Who is Yadav Payeng?

Yadav Payeng is an Environmental Activist in India of Assam in the District of Majuli. He is born on 31 October 1959 and belongs to the Missing Tribe. His family had his wife and three children. Over several decades he planted and tended trees on a sandbar on of the longest and biggest river of Assam Brahmaputra. Due to their long-time effort, the total area is converted into forest reserve land which is called Molai Forest. This Molai Forest is located at Kukilamukh of Jorhat, Assam.

Forest man of India and his Achievements in life

Yadav Payeng has honored a public meeting arranged on April 22 in 2012 by the School of environmental sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University. During this interactive season, Vice Chancellor of JNU Sudhir Kumar Sopory named his title ‘Forest man of India‘.Rajendra Sharma(Magsaysay award) was also present in this interactive season.

Yadav’Molai’ Payeng was honored with the “Padmasri” award India’s fourth highest civilian award. He also honored Doctorate Degree from Assam Agriculture University as well as Kaziranga University for his contribution as Environmental activists

Yadav Payeng is an Indian environmentalist who has planted over 1,000 acres of forest by himself.

Yadav Payeng the Environmentalist of Assam-Forest man of India

Yadav Payeng the forest man of India is a person who is doing his best to minimize deforestation. He has planted more than 1,360 acres of trees and is fighting to stop the natural forests from being cut down.

This man has influenced many people to do their part in reforestation. He has a very big impact on the generation of oxygen for nature, and also on the global effects of deforestation.

The need for reforestation is necessary for future generations because there will be no place to breathe without trees, plants, and other vegetation that produce oxygen.

Reforestation is important because the human population is increasing day by day. So due to this everywhere the density of the population also increases and demands everything in the very future. But the Forest land is day by day going to be a minimize of their requirements of increasing population.

Reforestation is successful when the trees are planted in a way that they can grow in their natural environment.

Why he will go to Mexico in North America?

The 62 Years Old Forest man of India Yadav Payeng signed an agreement with an NGO Foundacion Azteca to collaborate on Environmental Projects in Mexico. It aims to Plant 7 Million trees in the North American Country to make Mexico by replenishing its forest.

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Why Reforestation is Important for us?

Reforestation is important because it helps to reduce the global impacts of deforestation. It also helps to increase human life by providing a habitat for animals and plants, which in turn provide food and oxygen.

The world is facing many environmental problems, and deforestation is one of them.

In the past few decades, more than half of the world’s tropical forests have been cut down for timber and to make room for agriculture.

Reforestation is important because it can help reduce global warming, improve air quality, provide more food sources, and increase human life.


As a Forest man in India, he is done 30 years of his service in planting trees for a wonderful contribution to nature. If every people in the world like at least a provide 5% contribution to our nature then it will protect the future generation from the Global warming effects and other various serious impacts.

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