Floods in Assam and Its effects on Kaziranga National Park

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flood picture in Assam


Today I will discuss how the floods in Assam and their effects on  Kaziranga National Park due to one of the biggest rivers Brahmaputra and its tributaries. So let’s start

Flood is a natural cause and it has so many advantages and disadvantages arise in our society and for the people. But for Assam, it is highly infelicity for the people. In the last 40-50 days, floods create in Assam a very harmful situation. 

As we all know the last 5-6 months the pandemic coronavirus spread all over the World through many countries are already controlled it. But in India, the coronavirus affected people day by day increase especially in the state of Assam at the same time the floods cause more influence or even ruin the people of Assam in economically very bad conditions.    

 But Unfortunately, the Indian government should not take any right step to control or protect it. Because every year many Hectares of agricultural land is eroded by the river Brahmaputra during flood season. In this way, the people especially in the charred area lost their property gradually and become unemployed. Though the government takes some schemes provide to control it but it is not sufficient to control it and completely waste it.

How do the Floods in Assam affect the property?

  In Assam every year almost 50-60 Lakhs people are affected by this flood. So many people have died and lost their houses due to the overflood. The Brahmaputra river is a more devastating river in Assam in India. 

In flood, many numbers of roads, bridges, culverts, houses, government institutions, and religious places somewhere completely damaged, and waste the government and public property. Next year the damaged property constructs again and again. 

The government take sanctioned the scheme and construct it again but the quality of the structure does not maintain properly according to the respective departmental guideline.

Flood Effects on Kaziranga National Park in Assam


                 During floods, another major big issue is that a lot of animals could not survive their life. In Kaziranga National Park,` are almost 80% to 90%  of the area is submerged by the flood, and takes rescue operations during the flood season. 

The entire Kaziranga is formed by alluvial deposits from the Brahmaputra and its tributaries at the time of flood season.

The Kaziranga park of Assam in India is the World’s largest population and two-thirds of the world population of one-horned rhinos it is Unesco World’s Heritage site and is home to at least 2400 one-horned rhinos which faced extinction at the turn of the century.

Floods in Assam and their Effects 

 Flood is not only created bad impacts on animals it has many advantages for these animals because Kaziranga is a riverine ecosystem and the river helps in cleaning the grassland and more nutrition is added to the grassland with every flooding. This is why Kaziranga has one of the most healthy grasslands. Animals living in these grasslands and wetlands often drown in the high floods. 

Most animals refuge to take at higher grounds and somehow stray into the fringe villages and which increases the chances of encounters with the nearby villagers. Flooding and landslides are common occurrences during the monsoon in northeastern India and neighboring countries. 

There are many different aquatic floras in the lakes and ponds along with river shores. The invasive water hyacinth is very common often choking the water bodies, but it is cleared during destructive floods.

           The Kaziranga national park is one of the prides of India and is located in the district of State Assam, Golaghat, and Nagaon. The park is home to large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. 

During the flood lost property in Assam and also very harmful situations arise all over Assam. The Government of India as well as the state government taking the necessary steps to protect property, and animals especially in forest areas in Assam. It will be a great asset for the nation accordingly the most important point is that it should be declared a national problem. 

In this flood many rhinos, birds, wild elephants, deer, buffalo, tigers, etc lost their lives and if it continues for 30-40 years then it will be completely finished. But the Indian government should not take any right decision to protect the animals.

How is the park named Kaziranga National Park?

Kaziranga is recognized as an important Birdlife International for the conservation of avifaunal species. According to one legend, Ranga is a girl from a nearby village, and a youth named Kazi from Karbi Anglong district fell in love it was not acceptable to their families and the couple disappeared into the forest never to be seen again after them the park name formed Kaziranga.


             So, the above Article Floods in Assam and Their effects on Kaziranga gives you a lot of information about Kaziranga National Park during flood periods. It may be an uncontrollable situation if it is not controlled in time and day by day it increases the damage and erosion of the total area. We should all strongly demand floods in Assam to the Government to protect it from vanishing soon.  


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