Flood the natural disaster – Assam No 1 Disaster

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 First of all today I will discuss Flood the natural disaster in Assam, a very important topic here. Why do people call a flood a disaster? There is a lot of disaster in the world but in all of them, one of the important disasters is a flood that occurs all over the world and it is natural.

But in India, it is a huge impact, especially in Northeast states, especially  Assam. Every year the flood affects the people of Assam by almost 50-60(5-6 Million) Lakhs, people which were most affected in Char Areas people.

Due to the heavy rainfall in the northeast of India In this natural disaster condition rural areas of Assam many village roads, structures like bridges, culverts, houses, and cultivated land were destroyed, and also disconnect the many villages where communication problems arise. People and animals are died due to the lack of food and could not survive their life

How Floods affect mostly in the village of Assam

  The Flood situation badly affected mainly the districts of Assam in Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Sivasagar, Tinsukia, Majuli Darang, Jorhat, Dhubri, Goalpara, Southsalmara Mankachar, etc.

The flood has damaged many rural roads, dams, embankments, and destroyed vast areas and many cultivated lands submerged where many places the farmer unable to cut their crop.

  In this season during the flood period, the biggest problem is communication. In the Village area due to the flowing of water or due to the over flood people could not go out for necessary food items for daily requirements to save their life.

Many times we have seen the disaster of the flood people go out of their home and select a higher ground place which not submerged yet or generally not submerged like Railway track, national highway. They make a temporary camp along the sides of the Railway track, and highest in along the sides of the National Highway to save their life.  

Floods the natural disaster that impacts domestic animal

                                   During this flood period due to a lack of food for Animals likes, cows, buffalo, and goats, are died and even their shelter is sometimes submerged by the water so many people can arrange high ground such as along the side of the national highway to make a temporary shelter to safe their animal life.

In the flood, due to overflow of water level sometimes some places the national highway is submerged and also destroyed many times which is communication badly affected.

Pros. and Cons. of this natural disaster flood

                     The Flood is a natural disaster and there are a lot of problems that happen but have many good impacts of the flood. The floodwater removes the debris in our city, removes any harmful bacteria, and plastic, cleans our environment, and to get becomes an environmentally hygienic condition. The stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, causing Malaria, Dengue, and more diseases.          

Another problem is the landslip this season. Due to heavy rainfall in this season, many places landslip and causes destroy the house, buildings, human life, and animals and uproot trees, and sometimes, unfortunately, got an accident.  


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