Best Suitable Tourist place in Dhubri of Assam

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Pachpir Dargah

Dhubri is an ancient historical and tourist Place or District in the state of Assam in India, it is situated West site of Guwahati the capital of Assam, its border area in Southside Bangladesh, and the state of Meghalaya, and the west side is West Bengal. It’s situated near the bank of the biggest river in Assam Brahmaputra.

Suitable Tourist Place for Abroad people in Dhubri.

Netai Dhubuni Ghat

In, Dhubri, there is a few numbers of Historical Place, which would like to say the ancient place where a foreigner can visit. But In this article, I will discuss numbers of ancient places which is very popular place in Dhubri of Assam.

Netai Dhubuni Ghat is the most populous ancient place in Dhubri is situated near the bank of the Brahmaputra River. Every day there is a lot of people are visit that place and enjoy the happiness of this wonderful place.

On the other hand, along with this, another place is PachPir Dargah is also situated near the Netai Dhbuni Ghat. Most Tourists person like these places because of the unconditional fresh air of the longest and biggest river of Assam Brahmaputra. 

Another very important and ancient Tourist Place for Muslim People is Panbari Nababi Maszid in Panbari. Here is of the ancient Historical Mosque here where an everyday lot of people pray here for almighty Allah to visit this place.

Many departmental District HeadquarterLike  Deputy Commissioner Office, District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) office, Water Resource Department(Executive Engineer), Zila Parishad Office, PWD (Executive Engineer) Office, Superintendent of Police Office, District Circuit House, State Bank of India Dhubri, Netai Dhubuni Ghat, PachPir Dargah, all are situated nearly around within highest  1-2 Km range (distance)  all are in one side of the Dhubri Town.

       Recently Dhubri District is divided into two parts one is Dhubri District and the other part is South Salmara Mankachar District

Important Good News Dhubri to Fulbari(Meghalaya) Bridge

  The Indian longest Bridge over the Brahmaputra was approved and sanctioned by the Indian government in Dhubri from Dhubri to Phulbari. It will connect with Meghalaya will be 12.6 KM Long and Estimated Cost of Indian Rs 4000 Crore. After implementation, it will be reducing the detouring road distance by about 250 KM. In recently the construction works are going to be full of swing and it will probably complete within 6- 7 years long time.

How Communication from Dhubri to South-Salmara

Now the people are traveling by ferry service or Bhutbhoti from one bank of the river to the other bank over the Brahmaputra. There is a lot of people traveling daily from different Char areas by ferry service. Here, one of the biggest problems, especially in flood season. So, The Indian government for the promotion of the waterways recently sanctioned a bridge for better transportation service. The natural scenery of this place is very beautiful, and the tourist is visited mostly in this place.

If you want to visit these best suitable places in Dhubri then don’t miss this amazing place. 


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