Best amazing Anti-theft Android Application-RTS-Race To Safety

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Today In this article I will discuss the best amazing anti-theft android Application in India which has a lot of features you can enjoy and protect your device from being stolen or missing your device.

In India Newly launch an Android Application RTS-Race To Safety one of the best amazing and wonderful and very popular Applications. It is developed by Two Indians from the state of Assam One Joon Ali from Dhubri and another from Mangaldoi. It has many amazing features but among them, most of the features can use if you use them in its premium version.

If you want to know about this Android Application and its amazing features then you have to read this article from first to last completely very well. So let’s start the topic Best amazing anti-theft Android application

How to Use RTS-Android Application Free feature

However, one of the Primary features Charging Mode is available in the free version, in the free version after you install this application When your Mobile is in Charging Mode i.e. your mobile Charging. Suddenly someone is removed from Charger without unlocking then your device will trigger an alarm or make a sound.

The Alarm or Sound will be switched off only when you unlocked your device. But remember one thing When your device is plugged into the Charger. If you want to enjoy these features make sure that the Charging Sheild will be in Switch ON Mode.

Best Premium Features of the RTS Mobile Application

In the premium version, there are many features that will enjoy this application. It has 14 Nos of important features Now I discuss the features one by one

  1. Charging Mode
  2. Do not Touch Mode
  3. Pocket Mode
  4. Background Call
  5. Lock device
  6. Alert device
  7. Capture image
  8. Fetch Location
  9. Wrong Password
  10. Restrict Power off Uninstall
  11. Device Status
  12. New SIM inserted
  13. Remotely Switch Off
  14. Stop USB

Here we discussed the features of some important paragraphs.

 Discussion of the RTS Anti-theft Android Mobile Application

First of all, the most wonderful feature is that if your device is stolen by theft you will definitely find the thief if you use it pro version of this app. After stalling your device you have to just send an SMS from another Mobile device to the registered number of your stolen device then the system automatically sent your device Location along with the theft photo.

Secondly, After stealing your device If New SIM is inserted by the theft then the system is also sent from the stealing device to you. For the result, you have to send a message to the registered Mobile Number to find out your Mobile location. After getting the location of your phone you can find and track the theft.

Thirdly, if someone using your phone without your information you can lock it from another place it using this feature. To lock your device just, you have to send a message to a number then your device automatically will be locked.

Fourthly, If your device is falling down or accident somewhere or attacked and hit anything. The device will automatically be sent a call to save your emergency number registered in your device along with the location.

Finally,  Without you, no one switches off your Mobile device or even can not delete this amazing anti-theft Android application from your device.

How to Download this RTS-Security anti-theft Android Application

The RTS-Race To Safety security anti-theft application has a lot of features which are already been discussed above. But now, this best amazing feature security app can find you in the Google Play store and the official website


So  I have discussed above all the important features of one of the amazing RTS-Race To Safety anti-theft Android applications. It will provide you with important knowledge about this popular anti-theft security application. If you like this post then you definitely share your friends or relatives for this wonderful feature of this application.

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