Airtel Payment Bank No 1 Digital payment Bank in India

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      Airtel payment bank is the first payment bank in India to get a license from the Reserve bank of India. Reserve bank of India issued the license to the airtel payments bank under section 22(1)of the Banking  Regulation Act 1949 on 11 April 2016. It’s a joint venture between Bharat Airtel Ltd and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Airtel Payment Bank Branch & IFSC Code

Airtel Payment Bank Branch in Gurgaon in the state of ‘Haryana’  and its IFSC Code is AIRP0000001. It is used for ‘RTGS’ and ‘NEFT transaction purposes.

Why is Different from other Bank in India

                  Airtel payments banks are now something different from other national Bank like SBI, Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, Union Bank, etc . is that the Customer Mobile No is Account No and all over India the Branch Code is only one Branch Code which is easy for the customer to remember his/her account Number. One thing is that any telecom Customer like  Jio, BSNL, etc can open a Bank account with their number, and the customer should have a Valid  Aadhar Number. It also provides customers with an Airtel payment Bank Passbook.

But another disadvantage is that the customer could not change their mobile no because the customer does not agree or is willing to change the Bank account number if his/her mobile no is changed.

Airtel payment bank facility provides…

  • Customers can Instant Open accounts with Zero Balance
  •  There are two types of Accounts one is a Bharosa Savings Account whose minimum balance is Rs    500 in 48 hrs. and another is a Regular Savings Account whose minimum Balance is Rs 50.
  • Customers can Withdrawal and Deposit amounts.
  • Balance Enquiry and Mini statements.
  • Money Transfer.
  • Customers can Shop for Insurance.
  • Mobile and Dish recharge.
  • Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, etc.
  • Health and Hospital Cash Insurance
  • Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Atal Pension Yojana
  • Adhar Enable Payment System etc

The Retailer may check their daily transaction also past transactions by selecting the required period. The customer can connect his account using Internet Banking, Phone pe, etc the customer can update their profile by the retailer in the future.

If anyone is willing to open his account in Airtel Payments bank then he/she may visit their nearest CSP Retailer for their facility. It’s a good handsome benefit for the airtel retailer and also for the Customer holder. Here Retailer means the CSP Owner.

How to Login to Airtel Payment Bank

       The retailer goes to the Retailer Login Page and Enters the Mobile Number/Lapu Number and Password. Password can Change by the retailer self for their Security.

How to Open Airtel Payment Bank Account for Customer.

           The Retailer should have a Fingerprint Device to Install on their Mobile and connect this the retailer go to the option Click ‘Open Bank Account’ and put Customer’s Mobile Number and then the customer gets a verification Code. After verification Put the Adhar Number with fingering to proceed to the next level. The details of the Customer are automatically shown with the Customer’s photo, next to fill in the details of the customer including Nominee details. Proceed to the Next Level. Finally Submit.

How to Print/Download Account Certificate

The Retailer should go to the option Download Customer Account certificate by putting the Customer Mobile Number with fingering.

How to get Retailer Banking Point Certificate in Airtel Payment Bank.

     Every CSP Holder should have an airtel payment bank Retailer Banking Certificate which is obtained by the online exam in various topics related to CSP Holder and their Customer. Every Topic has 10 Nos of Multiple Choice Questions and for each topic of the exam minimum of 80% marks need to qualify for the Exam. After Completing all the exams the retailer gets a Certificate.

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